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I love to build successful teams and use data, sustainability, and creativity to break through all the noise. I am a result-oriented international digital performance marketing, recruitment, sales, & growth-oriented business development expert who has lead teams in small and large organizations, including my own business.

I specialize in lead generation, SEM, CRO, growth, influencer and content marketing with an emphasis on market research driving customer success, retention & awareness leveraging all digital channels, analytics, content/software development & team management. I hold an MBA in Digital Marketing with hands-on exp. & certifications as a Business Development Expert, D1 Athlete & Sales Professional. Building brands, startups, teams & web presences from end-to-end, I manage online channels & global staff both in-person & remotely, both sourcing talent and recruiting internationally. From online to offline, I am an ambassador to my brands and always networking & building positive relationships. Guaranteed to make you laugh, I was born an entertainer.

I love the intricacy and working with different expertise to promote a better product B2C or B2B while empowering us to know the value of a new perspective, especially in innovation.

🎯 SEO, SEM, SMM, Influencers and Data Analytics
🎯 Paid Ads / PPC Campaigns / Automation
🎯 Content Marketing
🎯 Video Production
🎯 Social Media
🎯 Design
🎯 Voice of the Customer Optimization
🎯 Sales, Project and Operations Efficiency

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I am always looking to work with people on things they are passionate about, looking forward to speaking.