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I´m a tech-savvy, creative, & result-oriented business developer, experienced in overseeing international digital marketing, sales, & HR, specializing in research driving customer success, retention & acquisition leveraging all digital channels, analytics/KPI's, content development & team management. I hold an MBA in Digital Marketing with hands-on exp. & certifications as a Business Development Expert, D1 Athlete & Sales Professional. Building brands, teams & web presences from end-to-end, I manage online channels & global staff both in-person & remotely. I increase productivity with proven leadership skills, emotional intelligence & adaptability streamlining processes creating order out of chaos.

I love seeing how working with different cultures can promote identity development and empower us to know the value of new perspectives. After leaping to found The Red Road Foundation, I have been able to make lasting impacts on communities, and empower our youth to achieve their dreams,


  • Digital Marketing/Sales
  • Member Experience Insights/AI
  • Sales/Ecommerce Strategy
  • Automation Development
  • SEO/SEM/PPC/Google Analytics/Adwords
  • Multimedia Production/Storytelling/UAV Pilot
  • Operations Management
  • Conversion Improvements
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Budgeting/Fundraising
  • MS Office/Adobe Suites
  • Team Management
  • Sales Networking
  • Strategic Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Brand Development
  • CRM Specialist