Lead Generation & Conversion: B2C DNVB Brand

Thanks for reading, I wanted to share a few exciting discoveries with my recent Reva Electric project. It has been challenging to say the least, but we have put up some serious numbers for a low budget against the largest bike companies in the world. Did I also mention I’m in charge of marketing & selling a $4000 product that doesn’t exist yet? 

There is something about a challenge or the impossible that’s always lit a fire in me. I have found that we all face a series of great opportunities so brilliantly disguised as impossible situations, and we must persevere and adapt, or fade into the abyss. I feel this way about Marketing and Sales; challenged by companies to craft something between art and science. I’m inspired to work with others that charge the impossible fearlessly and never quit, taking on projects that to most sound impossible.

Juan, my partner in Reva, is a 24-year-old engineering graduate that built our prototypes and founded Reva. We have three elite eBikes that travel 45 mph, have a 100 mi range, and a lifetime warranty. (obviously, I could talk your ear off about the many other features and benefits, but I will just attach a link to the bottom) We just launched an IndieGoGo (crowdfunding) page, and in 4 days, we have reached 50% of our funding raising over $15k and had some great conversations in this competitive market for a $4k budget. Here are the numbers using my Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Email Campaigns:

Facebook Marketing Lead Generation Dashboard This Week
Instagram Marketing Lead Generation Dashboard This Week
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Google Ads Marketing Lead Generation Source Dashboard This Week
Google Ads Marketing Lead Generation Dashboard This Week by Device
Email Marketing Lead Generation and Nurturing Campaign

If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them, thanks for reading and REVA link below: