Growth Hacking: Recruitment and Inbound Marketing

Being a marketing nerd for over 12 years, I have been geeking out to analytics & performance hacks while building successful businesses from scratch. In the ups and downs, I have learned how much data and gut feeling are needed to work together. I thought I was quite bad*** when I was reaching so many people so quickly with paid and organic hacks getting eyes on my products and services.

But I found out early on that these leads don't mean diddly unless they are kept in the funnel or even better converted on the spot.

Something I learned from being a door to door vacuum salesmen in colleges, selling the famous $3k USD Kirby Vacuum after football practice. Was... the psychology of just getting your foot in the door an extent.

(So what does that mean in marketing and growth hacking?)

  • Great question 🤔, leading to my analogy. Me going door to door to ask a random stranger if I could clean their carpet for FREE today is (Pay Per Click) just to get a foot in the door.
  • Add the time and energy spent building my pitch or (Marketing)... (Are you the king or queen of this castle? Giving a demo..) 😉.
  • Then a personality while showing off the product and its pretty package is (Branding) & what got them to buy.

I closed 4 of these in one house after I thought this would never be possible. Showing off your product works when solving a pain point or having others show it (Social Proof), and having a personality behind it is what converts — setting up tracking to monitor what's working and keeping the qualified eyes in (Re-marketing).

It usually takes five touches before the sale. Still, in my recent recruitment endeavor, I have been able to do this on first and second touches, thanks to the marketing and branding working together with insights and that gut feeling.

Having a potent mix of content and constant testing is the key to find what works for you. But when you're putting all this time and energy out, make sure it's your best foot and do it quickly, most people have a 20-second attention span.

  • This week we have boasted over 695 page views
  • 16% bounce rate, with over 2 min of page view time,
  • 12 hours of watch time on Youtube
  • Subscribers grew by 1000% and more on all the other platforms
  • Facebook is exploding with qualified leads and engagement beyond likes and comments, but messages and interest clicks that convert.


🎯 SEO and Data Analytics

Use tools like Smarlook and Tag manager, they work great for me.

🎯 Content Marketing

Invest in a content strategy focus on education, survey your audience.

🎯 Video

73% higher conversion rate and you can start with your phone camera today.

🎯 Social Media

Don't do social media, BE social and talk to your fans and network. (ASK QUESTIONS)

🎯 Design

Not everyone knows great design, but we all know bad design. Invest in quality branding.

🎯 Voice of the Customer Optimization

A\B testing verbiage and call to actions. Also, utilize surveys and study your demographic.

🎯 Paid Ads / PPC Campaigns

There is no faster way to reach eyes, but just make sure you have a high click-through rate and track your cost from the first touch to conversion.

We start on Google Ads and Linkedin this week; I will keep you posted on how it goes and any fresh insights. Feel free to drop me a line with any questions.



More stats for this week:


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